Church Announcements

ANNOUNCEMENTS – 21st, 22nd and 23rd April 2017

April 04, 2017

  1. First Holy Communion for parish catechism children will be held on Friday, 28th April at the 10.15 am mass in the Sacred Heart Church. On Friday, 28th April there will be no Catechism classes for parish children from Stds. 1-12

  2. Adults who wish to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation are requested to attend a Course on Friday, 12th May from 7.30 am to 4.00 pm in the St. Claire Audio Video Room. Those who are attending the course, kindly bring your Baptism Certificate and Holy Communion certificate along with you. The course fee is BD. 5/- per person, inclusive of breakfast and lunch.

  3. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Catholic Charismatic renewal, we have organized a Parish Mission from 9th to 11th May and Leaders' Training Programme from 12th to 16th May.  The charismatic retreat will be held in Our Lady of Arabia Auditorium and will be led by his Excellency Bishop Francis Kallist, Bishop of Meerut and Bro Cyril John, Chairman, national service team, India. Come and be blessed.  Please see the poster for more details.

  4. A musical stage production entitled “That Cross Made The Difference” will be held on 4th May in the Our Lady of Arabia Auditorium commencing from 7:30pm. This will be a treat of sound and lights, showcasing the talent of more than a hundred artistes from our parish, with music and lyrics being performed by a live band. The main purpose of this production is to draw people closer to God and at the same time, support the cause of the needy families here in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We request your assistance in supporting this event by way of contributing towards the costumes or props which will help defray our expenses. For queries regarding tickets or support, please do not hesitate to approach the volunteers at the booth set up in front of the stage in the church compound. May God bless you for your generosity.

  5. CFC - Singles for Christ cordially invite all single men and women to the 76th Christian life Program from 21st April to 16th June (Every Friday from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm) at the St. Francis of Assisi Building, Room Nos. 14 – 16. Application Forms are available with the CFC Singles for Christ members or at the Parish.


  6. The Feast of Divine Mercy will be celebrated on Sunday, 23rd April at the 7.00 pm mass in the Sacred Heart Church.

    P. T. O.


  7. First Holy Communion for Sacred Heart School children will be held today at the 10.15 am mass in the sacred heart church. There will be no Catechism classes for parish children from Stds. 1-12 today.

    Fr. Freddy D’Souza, OFM Cap.
    Parish Priest