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Current Vacancies

2 and 4 wheeler driver needed

For: Grace Stationery CO W.L.L 38885051/32253344,

The salary and job details will be told later.

Closing Date: 27 March 2018

Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioral and Communication Difficulties (Alia for Early Intervention). We have a medical complex and schools for which we require the following personnel.

Speech therapist job description

Job Purpose

  • To provide speech and language therapy to children with complex communication needs in association with and in addition to Autism Spectrum Disorders, within a school setting.
  • To ensure the service is provided in close collaboration with education staff and other professionals to meet the needs of the pupil.

Client Group

  • Age range: 4 to 19 years, with potential to work with students at our organization.
  • Children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, some with co - morbidities including seizures, brain injury, and cystic fibrosis.

The Clinical Work include

  • Assessing and diagnosing a wide range of communication disorders.
  • Planning appropriate therapeutic intervention, making fine judgements about type and timing of treatment negotiated with education staff and school.
  • Delivering group and individual therapy as required.
  • Providing advice and therapy programs to education staff, parents and other health professionals.
  • Managing parental and/or school anxieties regarding intervention and prognosis.
  • Evaluating treatment outcomes. Transferring and discharging.

Professional Responsible

  • To demonstrate clinical effectiveness by use of evidence based practice and outcome measures.
  • To be responsible for managing own time appropriately and prioritize tasks accordingly in order to carry out clinically related administrative duties, relevant to the caseload and operation of the school.
  • To manage a complex caseload whilst recognizing own professional boundaries and access supervision, advice and support when necessary.
  • To work closely with relevant parties about individual students and practically demonstrate therapeutic approaches where appropriate.
  • To work with colleagues to support policy and service delivery.
  • To care for and maintain equipment ensuring standards of infection control and safety are maintained.
  • To work with other speech and language therapists as required.
  • To provide relevant in - service training to school staff and parents, via presentations, talks and career evenings on topics related to the role of the speech and language therapist, communication and therapy. To reflect on and evaluate training provided.
  • To collect clinical data and write reports for Annual Reviews and for end of term reports on Speech and Language Therapy input for each student within the school.
  • To be responsible for maintaining up to date and accurate case notes in line with professional standards and school policies
  • To adhere to local and national standards and guidelines relating to Professional Practice (Communicating Quality Live) and maintain registration with the Health Professions Council. To recognize and demonstrate commitment to personal development and acquisition of further skills and knowledge relating to clinical areas and evidenced by PDP and Professional Log as specified in the job purpose and the application of these skills to clinical practice.
  • To undertake other duties as reasonably directed by the Heads of School.

Clinical Psychologist

Main duties and responsibilities Clinical

  • To provide psychological assessments based upon the appropriate use, interpretation and integration of complex psychological data from a variety of sources including psychological and neuropsychological tests, self-report measures, rating scales, direct and indirect structured observations and semi-structured interviews with clients, family members and others involved in the client’s care.
  • To be responsible for implementing a range of psychological interventions for individuals, carers, families and groups, adjusting and refining psychological formulations as practice and experience demands, drawing upon different explanatory models and maintaining a number of provisional hypotheses.
  • To evaluate and make decisions about intervention options taking into account both theoretical and therapeutic models and highly complex factors concerning historical, developmental, physical health and cultural processes and systems that have shaped the individual, family or group.
  • To work in collaboration with the multidisciplinary teams to develop and implement rehabilitation care plans that aim to restore independence and quality of life.
  • To maintain effective liaison and joint working with other agencies to ensure the provision of integrated packages of care for the patients seen.
  • To communicate in a skilled and sensitive manner, information concerning the assessment, formulation and treatment plans of clients under their care and to monitor and evaluate progress during the course of both uni- and multi-disciplinary care.
  • To be responsible for providing and receiving highly complex, sensitive, distressing and emotional information in relation to mental and physical health issues, where there can be difficulties in terms of acceptance or understanding.
  • To be able to communicate across language and cultural barriers, adapting the application of Westernised psychological models sensitively. This will include communicating with clients through professional interpreters.
  • To be able to manage working for sustained amounts of time with individuals who may be aggressive and hostile, who may have difficulties with communication and/or self-care skills and special physical and/or mental health needs.
  • To be responsible for developing and maintaining own knowledge of local resources about rehabilitation and mental health and for developing working relationships with relevant statutory, voluntary and community groups and organisations.
  • To undertake risk assessment and risk management for relevant individual patients and to provide general advice to other professionals on psychological aspects of risk assessment and management.
  • To ensure that members of the multidisciplinary team have access to a psychologically based framework for understanding and care of patients through the provision of advice and consultation and the dissemination of psychological research and theory.

Teaching, Training, and Supervision

  • To receive regular clinical professional supervision from a senior clinical psychologist and, where appropriate, other senior professional colleagues.
  • To ensure that all members of the multidisciplinary team have access to a psychologically based framework for the understanding and care of patients, through the provision of advice and consultation and the dissemination of psychological research and theory. This includes ensuring that a psychological perspective is provided in a wide range of settings where patient care is discussed, planned and organized.
  • To contribute to the pre- and post-qualification teaching of clinical psychology, as appropriate.
  • To provide advice, consultation and training to staff working with the client group across a range of agencies and settings, where appropriate.

Management, recruitment, policy and service development

  • To contribute to the development, evaluation and monitoring of the teams’ operational policies and services, through the deployment of professional skills in research, service evaluation and audit.
  • To advise both service and professional management on those aspects of the service where psychological and/or organizational matters need addressing.
  • Organize own day-to day activities, plan and prioritize own clinical workload.
  • To be involved, as appropriate, in the short listing and interviewing of assistant/graduate psychologists.

Research and service evaluation

  • To utilize theory, evidence-based literature and research to support evidence based practice in individual work and work with other team members.
  • To undertake appropriate research and provide research advice to other staff undertaking research.
  • To undertake project management, including complex audit and service evaluation, with colleagues within the service to help develop service provision.

Information Technology

  • Record and report on personally generated clinical information.
  • Enter clinical information as required into local and Trust electronic information systems.
  • Prepare teaching materials and presentations to a professional level.


  • To contribute to the development and maintenance of the highest professional standards of practice, through active participation in internal and external CPD training and development programs, in consultation with the professional and service manager(s).
  • To contribute to the development and articulation of best practice in psychology across the service, by continuing to develop the skills of a reflexive and reflective scientist practitioner, taking part in regular professional supervision and appraisal and maintaining an active engagement with current developments in the field of clinical psychology and related disciplines.
  • To maintain the highest standards of clinical record keeping including electronic data entry and recording, report writing and the responsible exercise of professional self-governance in accordance with professional codes of practice of the British Psychological Society and Trust policies and procedures.
  • To maintain up to date knowledge of legislation, national and local policies and issues in relation to both the specific client group and mental health.
  • To participate in the Trust’s objective setting and appraisal policies, to identify areas for continuing professional development and to attend appropriate training.


Job Descrption

Provides Occupational Therapy services for pediatric patients.

Essential Functions

Facilitates development and rehabilitation of patients with mental, emotional and physical disabilities by planning and administering medically prescribed occupational therapy.

Representative Duties

The following duties are not intended to serves as a comprehensive list of all duties performed by all employees in this classification. Shown are duties intended to provide a representative summary of the major duties and responsibilities. Incumbent(s) may not be required to perform all duties listed and may be require to perform additional, position-specific duties.

  • Meets the patient’s goals and needs and provides quality care by assessing and interpreting evaluations and test results; determining occupational therapy treatment plans in consultation with physicians or by prescription.
  • Helps patient develop or regain physical or mental functioning or adjust to disabilities by implementing programs involving manual arts and crafts, practice in functional, prevocational, vocational and homemaking skills, activities of daily living, and sensory motor, educational, recreational and social activities.
  • Promotes maximum independence by selecting and constructing therapies according to individual’s physical capacity, intelligence level and interest.
  • Evaluates results of occupational therapy by observing, noting and evaluating patient’s progress; recommending and implementing adjustments and modifications.
  • Assures continuation of therapeutic plan following case being closed by designing and instructing patients, families and caregivers in home exercise programs; recommending and/or providing assistive equipment; recommending outpatient or home health follow up programs.
  • Documents patient care services by charting in patient and department records.
  • Maintains patient confidence by keeping information confidential.
  • Maintains safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules and regulations.
  • Protects patients and employees by adhering to infection-control policies and protocols.
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending education workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal/professional networks; participating in professional societies.
  • Complies with federal, state and local legal and certification requirements by studying existing and new legislation.

Patient Education

  • Facilitates movement toward a healthcare partnership between providers, the patients and their families.
  • Educates patient/family regarding therapeutic exercises, activities and equipment.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Documents patient encounters in appropriate format according to DGTG policies.
  • Provides statistics as requested.
  • Will be conversant in various DGTG billing mechanisms to avoid undue costs.


  • Knowledge of rehabilitative treatment techniques as utilized by the generalist in treating multiple age groups.
  • Knowledge of the regulations and practice standards of Pediatric Occupational Therapy.
  • Knowledge of direct patient care of Occupational Therapy to pediatric patients.
  • Knowledge of equipment and instruments used in daily activities.
  • Skill in treating Pediatric Occupational Therapy patients.
  • Skill in using applicable equipment and instruments.
  • Skill in assessing and prioritizing multiple tasks, projects and demands.
  • Skill in critical thinking in the performance of Pediatric Occupational Therapy.
  • Skill in establishing and maintaining cooperative working relationships with others.
  • Skills in maintaining good working relationships with community resources, referral sources, agencies and colleagues (PT and SLP).


  • A Cleared/Clean California Occupational Therapy California License
  • Approximately one (1) year of experience working exclusively with a pediatric population.
  • Participation in continuing education in pediatric therapy subjects as required by the Occupational Therapy governing authority.


  • May be required to work outside the traditional work schedule.
  • May be called to work off-shift in emergency situations.


Standing, repetitive movements, lifting weights of various amounts (not to exceed 25 lbs.), sitting on floor, bending/squatting, walking, driving, etc. DGTG is not a latex free environment. Therefore, some latex exposure can be expected.


Provides care to the following age groups: Infant (30 days to 1 yr.), child (1-12 years), adolescent (13- 21 years).


General Responsibilities

Under the direction of the school principal, the special education teacher plans a nd provides for appropriate learning experiences for students with disabilities in a variety of educational sett ings. The person in this position is responsible for creating a flexible program and learning environment that provides specialized instruction for students with disabili ties, such that the students benefit from the general education curriculum to the greatest extent possible when supported with supplemental aides, accommodations, and other needed supports.

Essential Tasks

(These are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work performed. The omission of specific duties does not excl ude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position.

  • Provide direct and indirect instructional support to student s in a positive environment.
  • Employ special educational strategies and technique s during instruction to improve the development of sensory- and perceptual-motor skills, language, cognition, and memory.
  • Instruct students in academic subjects using a va riety of techniques such as phonetics, multi-sensory learning, and repetition to reinfor ce learning and to meet students' varying needs and interests.
  • Teach socially acceptable behavior, as determin ed by the students’ individualized education programs (IEPs) by employing techniques in an ov erall positive behavioral support system.
  • Modify the general education cu rriculum for students with disa bilities based upon a variety of instructional techniques and technologies.
  • Plan and conduct activities for a balanced program of instruction, demonstration, and work time that provides students with opportunities to observe, question, and investigate.
  • Establish and enforce rules for behavior and proce dures for maintaining an environment conducive to learning for all students.
  • Meet with parents to discuss their children's progress and to determine priorities for their children and their individualized educational needs.
  • Confer with parents, administrators, testing specia lists, social workers, a nd other professionals to develop individualized education programs (IEPs) designed to pr omote students' educational, physical, and social/emotional development.
  • Maintain accurate and complete student records and prepare reports on child ren and activities, as required by laws, district policies, and administrative regulations.
  • Establish clear objectives for al l lessons, units, and projects a nd communicate thos e objectives to students.
  • Develop plans for effective communication, mon itoring, and follow-up of students in inclusive classroom settings.
  • Provide crisis intervention, as needed, for students and those in inclusive classrooms.
  • Assist in collection of data for provi ding appropriate classroom interventions.
  • Serve as a member of a multidisciplinary team as appropriate.
  • Assist in preparation of data for local, state, and federal reports.
  • Maintain professional competence by participating in staff development activities, curriculum development meetings, and othe r professional opportunities.
  • Perform related work as required.

Knowledge, Skills, and abilities

The successful candidate will demonstrate knowledge of: the necessary principles and application of theory into practice for effective instruction and positive behavi oral supports that are beneficial for implementation with all students with disabilities ; VBCPS curriculum and instructional techniques; human behavior, development, and skill performance; individual differen ces in ability, personality, and interests; learning and motivation; the assessment and treatment of behavioral and affective disorders; and VBCPS policies and effective instructiona l practices. The special educator also d emonstrates the ability to provide positive behavioral support to students in a group and in an individu al setting; demonstrates an understanding of the federal, state, and local mandates governing the determ ination and delivery of special education services; completes observations and reports pertaining to learning behaviors of st udents; displays the a bility to work effectively with administrators, co lleagues, central office and school ba sed staff, students, parents and community members. Overall, the special educator possesses excellent human relations skills and a w orking knowledge of the English language in written and verbal form.

Education and Experience

Requires a Bachelors Degree in an a pproved program for special educati on – general curriculum or have completed a major in special educat ion – general curriculum, or have completed 27 semester hours in the education of students with disabiliti es in the assigned area required. Mu st be eligible or possess a valid Collegiate Professional License from the State of Virginia.

Physical Requirements

Must have the use of sensory skills in order to e ffectively communicate and inte ract with students, other faculty, staff, and parents as normally defined by the abil ity to see, read, talk, hear , handle, or feel objects and controls. The position also entails signifi cant walking, bending, stan ding, stooping, and possible physical interventions in order to maintain a safe learning environment Assignm ent may require the ability to physically move students or equipment weighing up to 50 lbs, position students in specialized equipment, and/or change diapers as needed.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential tasks.

Special Requirements

Possession of a valid driver’s license


Dr. Rania AlKhalifa
Secretary General

Bahrain Society for Children with Behavioral and Communication Difficulties (Alia for Early Intervention)
Tel: +973 17 730960
Face Book:
Mailing Address: Post Office Box 37304 Kingdom of Bahrain
Physical Address: Building 5 Road 1115 Block 611 Sitra, Kingdom of Bahrain

Closing Date: 8 February 2018

Various Positions Available

Reservations and Executive Secretary with two to three years experience for Reservations

Secretary to Managing Director

Interested candidates may send their CV to

Closing Date: 10 January 2018

Service Desk Analyst

A leading financial institution is looking for a Service Desk Analyst to join its IT department based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Main responsibility includes maintenance of IT equipment and troubleshooting for head office and branches.

Candidate must have a minimum of (2) years experience and be a university graduate in the field of Computer Science or Engineering.

  • CCNA (Recommended)
  • ITIL Foundation (Recommended)

Interested candidates may send their CV to

Closing Date: 27 December 2017

Logistics Coordinator

A leading retail company is looking for a candidate with 1-2yrs of experience in logistics positions.

Good communication skills, able to handle the pressure

Should be Diploma or Graduate in any stream

Interested candidates can send their updated CV/photo to our email id:

Closing Date: 27 December 2017

Personal Assistant Needed

Handle highly personal and confidential work with discretion
Anticipate needs
Schedule and organize appointments
Manage personal requirements
Must be highly organized and able to multi task
Flexible and accessible on weekends and after work if required
Run errands

Kindly send your CV to

Closing Date: 18 December 2017


A leading media company has requirements for Sr Sales Executive & Sales Executive to Sell advertising to clients in Bahrain.

Prospective candidates should have 2 years or more sales experience with own car & Valid driving license. Attractive salary & commissions offered to the right candidate.

Kindly send your CV to

Closing Date: 3 December 2017

Job vacancy in a reputable company

BS in Civil Engineering or Architecture
Experience in site management
Fluent in spoken and written English
Able to converse/coordinate with senior Management
Able to correspond independently with contractors, suppliers and project owners
Solid foundation in interiors for both Residential and Commercial projects
Require high professional standards and ability to work under severe pressure

Send CV to with a covering letter specifying
- expected salary
- notice period
- projects handled

Closing Date: 23 November 2017

Job vacancies at a Five Star Hotel in Bahrain

Front Office Manager OR Asst. Front Manager
Housekeeping Manager OR Asst. Housekeeping Manager
Housekeeping Supervisor
Sales & Marketing Manager OR Asst. Sales Manager and Sales Executive
Recreation Manager
F&B Manager
Chief Engineer / Civil Engineer not necessary hotel background (Filipino only)

Preferably Filipino candidates. Interested candidates with Hotel experience may send their cv immediately to

You may contact me on 66668030 for further and detailed information.

Closing Date: 19 November 2017

Receptionist/Cashier(male/ female)

Candidates must have minimum two year 4 or 5 star hotel work experience
Familiar with Opera program
Presentable and height must be above 5’2”.
Good communication verbal and written

Bartender or Supervisor (male/female)

Must have previous 4 or 5 star hotel bar experience
Good comunication verbal and written
Presentable and height must be above 5’2”.

Room Attendant(Male)

Must have previous 4 or 5 star hotel bar experience
Good comunication verbal and written
Presentable and height must be above 5’2”.

Interested candidates to bring in their CV or send to email:

Closing Date: 06 November 2017

Site / Project Engineer required

Must have CRPEP (COEPP) and local driving license
Minimum 7 years experience and must posses BS in Civil Engineering or Architecture
Fluent in spoken and written English and able to converse/coordinate with senior Management
Should have a solid foundation in interiors for both Residential and Commercial projects
Must be extremely hard working and of a high professional standard.

Apply via email with your expected salary requirements to

Closing Date: 04 November 2017

Accountant Required

We are urgently looking for a Male Accountant with minimum 5 years in overall accounting experience.

Interested candidates please email your CVs to

Closing Date: 08 October 2017

Office Administrator – Reference Number: (IJP/002/17)

  • Provide full administrative/secretarial support to the department to maintain an efficient workflow in the spare parts division.
  • Take timely action for all personnel matters such as Leave, Preparation of Payroll in Oracle ERP, Training Programmes.
  • Dispatch and receive letters, fax messages and ensure their proper distribution.
  • Arrange and follow up payments to local suppliers, GCC Distributors, Courier Companies and other overseas suppliers.
  • Organize and maintain an efficient filing system.
  • Attend to the telephone calls and ensure prompt reply to all questions and queries.
  • Handle all kinds of typing jobs, preparation of various presentations, parts orders, enquiries, letters, reports and in-out correspondences with principals.
  • Prepare minutes of various meetings of the parts department.
  • Liaise with Corporate Head Office for Costing Sheet, Shipping Advice, Customs Clearance and Staff Benefits etc.
  • Monitor and organize stationery to ensure adequate supplies are always available.
  • Supervise all documents movements in different sections, proper follow-up and filing after action.
  • Make Appointments and Coordinate meetings for the Division Head.
  • Place regional orders and follow ups with logistic companies.
  • Coordinate with sales staff for the arrangements of special events.
  • Organize business trips for department personals and visiting principal representatives.
  • Maintain the flow of petty cash, prepare Petty Cash Vouchers, parts claim and warranty forms.
  • Preparation and follow up of advertisement claims with suppliers.
  • Logistic arrangements/Allocation/Repair/Registration renewal of company vehicles.
  • Arranging Saudi Trips & follow up for parts procurement.
  • Booking of Supplier Invoices in Autoline and follow up of payments.
  • Coordinating and arranging Re-export Documents, such as Invoice, Certificate if Origin and Makassa.
  • Coordination of Saudi Operation.
  • Booking Supplier Invoices and Petty Cash re-imbursement process through Oracle ERP and follow up of payments for Saudi Operation.

Education Qualifications:


National Diploma in Office Administration with 5-7 years experiences in word processing, computer applications, accounting and other Administrative matters. Team player


  • Higher National Diploma in Business Administration with 3-5 years’ experience in a similar role.
  • Arabic language Familiarity

Please send your application to

Closing Date: 31 August 2017

Various Positions Available at Al-Amthal Group

We are looking for 1) Functional consultants with driving license and experience in ERP Software sales. 2) System Administrator. Interested candidates may apply online via

If you have any inquiry please do not hesitate to send an email to

Closing Date: 28 August 2017

Sales Executives Required

We are looking for Sales Executives with driving license and experience in sales of car refinishes, industrial tools, decorative coatings & safety products.

Interested candidates may forward their CV to

Closing Date: 20 July 2017

Gardener Required

We need 1 Gardener. Should be well experienced in gardening work. Have sound knowledge of Plants, when to water the plants, triming of plant, grass cutting etc. Should understand English / Hindi / Arabic (preferred), should be based in Bahrain. Visa + Air tickets provided + 2 years contract (Auto Renewed) + Leave & Indemnity as per LMRA.

Please send your application to

Closing Date: 30 June 2017

Facility Management - Executive


  • Obtaining quotes and tenders from vendors and suppliers.
  • Calculating and compare costs for goods and services to maximize cost effectiveness.
  • Negotiating quotes to optimize delivery and cost saving.
  • Ensuring delivery schedules, quantity and quality criteria are met.
  • Preparing and track facility budget.
  • Planning and manage facility services.


  • Experience of minimum 4 - 7 years.
  • University degree in any field.
  • Familiar with agile management.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English is a must.
  • Personal and professional INTEGRITY
  • Excellent organization and time management skills
  • Multitasking
  • Problem solving & solutions oriented

Must have driving license. Own vehicle is a plus point, Please send your application to

Closing Date: 06 June 2017

Project Manager and Compliance Manager needed

HPD Bahrain - Investment Group. We have invest $50million into employment services to ensure the success of our worldwide clients.

  • Project Manager required with excellent time management and communication skills. Must be able to estimate budget and provide end-to-end project management. Be able to develop a detailed project plan, monitor progress and report the same to the Director. Candidates preferably with above 5 years exp and Master degree can apply in Salaries negotiable.
  • Compliance Manager required with skills in developing and overseeing control systems to prevent or deal with violations of legal guidelines. Revising procedures, reports etc. periodically to identify risks or non-conformity issues. Candidates preferably with Banking experience and above 5 years exp with BA in Law / MBA – Finance, Business Administration or related field can apply in

Closing Date: 06 June 2017

Current Vacancies at PC Shop Bahrain

We have the following vacancies:

  • Driver cum Office Boy
  • Tele Sales Executive (Female) (IT Hardware knowledge must).
  • Sales Executive (Driving Licence and IT Hardware required)

Interested candidates should send in their CV to

Closing Date: 04 May 2017

Accountant/Office administrator

We are looking for an Accountant/Office administrator for a small company who can do the following tasks:

  • Tally 9 accounting
  • Attending customers/office coordinator
  • Communication/correspondence/interpersonal skills
  • preparation of Statement and Auditing
  • Efficient, well organised and disciplined
  • Daily and Monthly reports
  • Data entry
  • Proficiency in English
  • Customer relations
  • Organised Filing of papers

The pay would be between 150-180 and will be increase based on work ethic.

Interested candidates should send in their CV to

Closing Date: 03 May 2017

Urgent hiring for an Auto Mechanic

Urgent hiring for an Auto Mechanic for Auto Factory Co. Salmabad. Local transfer prefered. Should have working knowledge of American, European and Japanese cars. Should be able to work on suspensions, braking, normal servicing and engine overhauls. Electrical and AC knowledge will be added advantage.

Email resumes to

Closing Date: 30 April 2017

Accountant/Office administrator

We are looking for an Accountant/Office administrator for a small company who can do the following tasks:

  • Tally 9 accounting
  • Attending customers/office coordinator
  • Communication/correspondence/interpersonal skills
  • preparation of Statement and Auditing
  • Efficient, well organised and disciplined
  • Daily and Monthly reports
  • Data entry
  • Proficiency in English
  • Customer relations
  • Organised Filing of papers

The pay would be between 150-180 and will be increase based on work ethic. Interested candidates should send in their CV to

Closing Date: 22 April 2017

Secretary Needed

There is an opening in Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo for a Secretary who should be well versed in Excel and Power Point related to Finance & Investments along with the other Secretarial Jobs.

Please send your CVs to email address :

Closing Date: 20 April 2017

Marketing and Product Literature Officer (HR/MKTG/15/2017)


  1. Design point of sale marketing material
  2. Gather information and material for designs
  3. Create product catalogues
  4. Create images that identify a product or convey a message
  5. Plan and organize seminars, exhibitions, product launches
  6. Develop graphics for product illustrations, logos, and websites
  7. Completes projects by proof reading, coordinating with printers, coordinating with photographers etc

Qualifications and Experience

  1. Bachelors degree in graphic design or a related field
  2. Knowledge to use design software’s such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
  3. Professional portfolio (to be shared during the interview)
  4. Basic understanding of the following: websites, brochures, POS, packaging, advertising, corporate identity, exhibitions and displays
  5. Analytical skills: to be able to look at their work from the point of view of the end customer
  6. Creative

Please submit your application details to

Closing Date: 27 April 2017

Positions available at Delta Construction Co WLL

Senior Positions: We need 5 MEP Project Managers with minimum 10 years of Gulf Experience.

10 Plumbing Engineers with minimum 5 years of Gulf Experience.

5 HVAC Engineers with minimum 5 years of Gulf Experience.

3 HVAC Engineers with minimum 10 years Gulf Experience.

Fire Fighting Execution Engineer with minimum 5 - 7 years Gulf experience.

Fire Fighting Design Engineer with minimum 5 - 7 years Gulf experience.

Plumbers with minimum 5 - 10 years Gulf Experience. 40 nos.

Air conditioning (A/C) Technicians with min. 5-10 years Gulf experience. 15 nos.

A/C chilled water pipe fitters, 5-10 years Gulf experience. 30 nos.

A/C duct fitters, 5-10 years Gulf experience. 40 nos.

Electricians having a valid Bahrain Electricity department license with min 5-10 years Gulf experience. 10 nos.

Electricians (w/o Bahrain electricity dept license) with min 5 years Gulf experience. 30-40 nos.

Welders with valid license/certificate with 5 years Gulf experience. 10 nos.

Labor and Helper,100 nos.

Civil Engineers with min 10 years Gulf experience. 4 nos.

Civil Engineers with min 5 years Gulf experience. 6 nos.

Civil Foreman with min 5 years Gulf experience. 15 nos.

Block work Masons with min 10 years Gulf experience. 40 nos.

Tiling and Marble Masons with min 10 years Gulf experience. 20 nos.

Shuttering carpenters with min 5 years Gulf experience. 30 nos.

Steel fixers with min 5 years Gulf experience. 30 nos.

Civil Labor Helper. 100 nos.

Painters with min 3 years Gulf experience. 10 nos.

Send your resumes and relevant documents to the following email IDs: (GDN) or (DT)

Contact details: Landline 17728037, Mobile: 36898365

Closing Date: 11 April 2017

Accountant and Site Engineer Needed

Accountant : Degree holder with minimum of 5 years experience. Hard working, honest, flexible and a team player. Able to do self correspondence. Fluency in English a must and knowledge of spoken Hindi an advantage. Local hire only.

Site Engineer : BS degree holder with minimum of 5 years experience in interiors both residential and commercial.

Must have EPP license and Bahrain driving license.

Should be hard working, flexible and a team player who can coordinate sites with a high degree of professionalism and delivery projects on time.

Knowledge of AutoCAD required.

Candidates should email their resumes with expected salary requirements to

Closing Date: 10 April 2017

Accountant Needed

Looking for Accountant with qualification in accounts and knowledge of Tally to manage the accounts and administrative duties of a boutique in Modal Mall. Salary BD 250/- + commission on sales (optional). Fresh accounting and commerce graduates can apply

Full time accountant needed for a Telecom Company with minimum 3-4 years experience in accounts, with accounting and commerce background. Internal audit experience added advantage. Salary according to experience and qualifications.

Vacancy for Accountant with10 years + experience. With accounting and commerce background, preferable with exposure to manual bookkeeping - to work for a private office. Internal audit experience added advantage. Office timings from 8 am to 2 pm – 5 days a week. Salary according to experience and qualifications

Please send your CVs to email address :

Closing Date: 06 April 2017

Wanted Salesman

We are a well established food stuff company, looking for salesman. Offering salary 150-250 depends upon experience + HRA + sales commission + incentives + other benefits. Immediate placement. Contact 17786160 (36022995) between 10am to 12.30pm. requirements: Candidate should know Malayalam & English or Arabic. Driving license, age should not exceed 35. Experience is not necessary. Should be smart & energetic. Should ready to work under pressure.

Closing Date: 06 April 2017

Jr. Logistics/Store coordinator

Urgently required a Jr. Logistics/Store coordinator for leading retail company in Bahrain.

Should have 1-2yrs of experience in same position.

Diploma or Graduate candidates are preferred.

Should possess good Personality with communication skills.

BD 250/- will be provided as salary package, interested candidates can send their CV with photo to our email id:

Shortlisted candidates will be calling for the personal interview.
Note: Eligible for candidates who are residing in Bahrain only.

Closing Date: 30 March 2017

Electrical Draftsman needed

Urgently required electrical Draftsman for a reputed MEP Contracting Co. Attractive package for the right candidate. Kindly send your CV to or contact me on 36898305.

Closing Date: 30 March 2017

Male House Cook

Urgently required a live-in male house-cook to work for a reputable Bahraini family must have good experience in International and Arabic cuisine.

Nationality preferred: Indian, Si-Lankan or Bangladeshi
Salary offered: 200 to 250 based on experience
Other benefit: Accommodation and food will be provided. All other benefits as per Bahrain Labour law.

Interested candidates may send us their updated CV to mentioning the position in the subject line. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted

Closing Date: 18 March 2017

Office Coordinator

Awal Gulf Local Sales Department

Job Description:

  • Answer telephones and give information to callers, take messages, or transfer calls to appropriate individuals
  • Manage multiple appointments and schedules for superiors in outlook Arrange conferences, meetings, and travel reservations
  • Coordination with other departments
  • Set up and maintain paper and electronic filing systems for records, correspondence, and other material
  • Filing, Make copies of correspondence and other printed material
  • Open, read, route, and distribute incoming mail and other material, and prepare answers to routine letters
  • Maintain inventory and control of office tools and equipment
  • Maintain inventory & stock of catalogues and other related media
  • Order processing and follow up
  • Order and dispense supplies, engineering equipment and promotional materials
  • Operate office equipment such as fax machines, copiers, and phone systems


  • Bachelor's Degree with 2 years or more work experience
  • Works approximately 48 hours per week
  • Well Organized, Systematic, Well groomed, MS Office , Excellent communication skills, Multi-tasking and time management capability

Please send your CV to

Closing Date: 18 March 2017

Immediate Requirement for Sales Engineer

A leading distributor of Electronic & Electrical Components in the Middle East requires for their BAHRAIN branch.


  • Degree or Diploma holder in Electronics, Electrical or IT
  • Excellent communication skills. Age below 30 yrs.
  • At least 2 years Gulf market experience in Technical Sales & Marketing.
  • Should hold valid Bahrain driving license.

To join immediately. All applications will be treated confidentially. E-mail your CV with recent picture to:

Closing Date: 18 March 2017

Sales Executive

We are looking for Executives with Experience in Shipping & Sales. Interested candidates may forward their CV to

Closing Date: 17 March 2017

Filipino HR Coordinator

A reputed financial institution is looking to hire an HR coordinator. Filipino national with good communication skills. Must have prior HR experience. Please email cvs to

Closing Date: 16 March 2017

Accounts Officer needed

We are looking for an accounts officer with minimum 3 years experience in the function. Please email

Closing Date: 16 March 2017

Various vacancies at US Navy Public Works Department Bahrain (Labourers; Carpenters; Administration Staff; Engineers)


Please come and visit us at K Hotel, Rd No 2427, Manama, Conference Room on March 8, 2017 from 1500 to 1900. Please email for more information.

Closing Date: 16 March 2017

Professor/ Associate Professor/ Assistant Professor for the Year 2017/2018 - UNIVERSITY OF BAHRAIN

College Of Business Administration:

  • Accounting
  • Urban Economics
  • Finance
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Islamic Banking

Please forward your applications to

College Of Engineering:

  • Chemical
  • Mechanical
  • Civil and Architecture
  • Electrical

Please forward your applications to

College Of Science:

  • Mathematics
  • Physics

Please forward your applications to

College Of Arts:

  • English Language and Literature

Please forward your applications to

Recruitment Conditions (applications must):

  • Applications with the specializations listed must be holders of a Ph.D. from a recognized University.
  • Applicants should have worked in a recognized University, and have experience in teaching and academic works in English.
  • Appointees may be required to teach lower level courses at undergraduate level in any specialization within the subject area.

Applicants Must Include:

  • Curriculum vitae (C.V.) with personal photo.
  • A photo copy of the applicants qualifications.
  • Work experience certificates.


  • Please type your application neatly and clearly.
  • Mention the required position & department on the first page.
  • Any application that does not meet the requirements will be rejected.
  • The University of Bahrain will reply to considered applicants only.

Closing Date: 15 March 2017