Couples for Christ

CFC and its Family Ministries

COUPLES FOR CHRIST is an international community that was first established in the Philippines in 1981. Its main goal is to bring couples closer to God, strengthen their faith and encourage them to actively participate in the life of the Church. CFC Bahrain was established in November 1993. The Pontifical Council for the Laity in Vatican granted the recognition of Couples for Christ as a Private Association of the Faithful in March 11, 2000.


Families in the Holy Spirit Renewing the Face of the Earth.


Building the Church of the Home and Building the Church of the Poor.

In 1993, or 12 years after CFC was established, it became clear that CFC was being called to the larger mission of bringing entire families to God. Thus the CFC Family Ministries were born. 

The declaration of the Church that 1994 was the “Year of the Family” affirmed the birth of the CFC Family Ministries the previous year. The major goal of the Family Ministries, which at the time was focused only on the children of CFC – the very young, the teens and the young professionals – was to bring all the children of the members closer to the loving embrace of the Almighty and attract them to participate in the task of evangelization.


While Family Ministries are separate and distinct groups, all of them are integrated into the CFC community. The Family Ministries’ approach is through creative evangelization, starting with camps and seminar type

CFC and its Family Ministries

Each program has its own creative pastoral tract formation, design to enrich a person’s spiritual life.

About CFC's Kids for Christ

KFC is a ministry centered on children that aims to evangelize kids through concepts they can understand. The teachings revolve around Fun, Freedom, Friendship and Faith.


KFC programs provide activities for junior kids (aged 4-8) and for senior kids (aged 9-12). All the activities are in line with the ministry’s goal on evangelization: “to make Christ most exciting person in the life of the kids.”

Joining Kids for Christ

A young boy or girl can join KFC by simply attending the Kid’s Camp. The Camp, usually held over a weekend, gives kids a chance to simply enjoy the company of other kids, supervised by older youth such as the Youth for Christ and Singles for Christ, in an atmosphere of fun. The focus of the activities, however, is on the love of God and how even young kids can relate fully with Him. Other activities that the KFC experience are dynamic activities like Kid’s village, Eco Camp, Champ Camp, Kids assemblies and family fun day.